Pantry sliding doors

Pantry Sliding DoorUsing a sliding interior door as your pantry door is a simple way to really add a finishing touch to your kitchen and can help you pull together the transitional style you have been looking for. But not all kitchens are created equal. Choosing the appropriate door style to fit the style of your home is key.

The current trend of transitional style really opens up multiple doors when it comes to design. Pun intended. Transitional design really embodies a combination of styles. It is a nice blend of traditional pieces with touches of rustic and contemporary notes. These are some ways to help a sliding pantry door find its way into your home.

A home leaning more towards the rustic side of transitional will feature exposed beams, large chunky furniture, and warm earth tones throughout. If this sounds like your home, you may want to mount your sliding door on a barn door track. Choose a wooden paneled door that features trim that pairs well with your cabinet door style. Paint this door a soft blue or pale green or yellow, depending on the colors chosen for the rest of your home. Going with a more muted color keeps the pantry door from contrasting too much with the rest of your kitchen while still creating a complete look.

If your transitional style is less rustic, more traditional, you likely have a home full of clean lines and a cooler color palette. For this kitchen style I would choose a glass paneled sliding door. Sliding doors now feature a multitude of glass options from obscured to clear to frosted. My favorite pantry doors are when ones the homeowner truly adds their own personal touches. Going with a frosted glass panel sliding door that has a photo overlay included really bring a kitchen to an entirely new level. Taking the time to really put this personal touch in your kitchen will create a statement piece.

Contemporary kitchens feature stainless steel everything, sharp edges and extra clean lines. If this more accurately describes your home but you still have touches of traditional and rustic spread throughout, a sliding door can still find a place in your home. Choose a sliding door that has a full glass panel as compared to the wooden panel doors. A frosted or obscured glass within this door will not only impair the view into your pantry but also add a sleek touch to your kitchen. Be sure the frame materials for the door coincide with the plumbing and lighting finish you have chose, such as brushed nickel or chrome. This will create a cohesive experience from every corner of your kitchen.

So you see, a sliding pantry door is a possibility for any style of home. Depending on which direction you want to take your home will truly help in making the decision on which sliding door you choose. Luckily, the transitional style can be achieved with just a few minor adjustments in design. Starting with a sliding pantry door is a great idea and easy to do!

Reference: KNR Sliding & Glass Doors Los Angeles

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