New Training To Aid Diabetic Patients in San Diego

by Brighton Dental San Diego

A new three year program has finally received the federal funding that it needed to get everything goes, and many people in the Sam Marcos area of San Diego are excited to see just want a radical change it could make to the lives of those living with diabetes.

The grant of $1.4 million will aid senior year nurses to lead health workers in groups so that they can adequately monitor around five hundred diabetic patients that are struggling with their condition because of circumstances that are out of their control. For example, there are many diabetic patients in the San Diego region that are unable to leave their homes, do not understand how frequently they need to take their medication, or have had huge changes in their lives which have affected their diabetes.

The chief health promotion officer at the San Diego clinic has stated that: “We’re really targeting those patients who for a long time have not been controlling their diabetes, for a lot of reasons.” Many of the patients at the San Diego have diabetes – around 6% of all the patients that are treated at the Vista Community Clinic have diabetes, and members of staff there are often concerned that their patients are not receiving the care that they require. This is especially true because many of the clinic’s patients are from low-income families, and do not feel that they can afford the journey time to the clinic.

The student nurses will receive specialized training in diabetes, patient management, and leadership, which will then help them further on in their careers when they engage with diabetic patients. The funding grant was absolutely essential in order to provide the specialized training that was required to really transform the lives of the lives of those in the San Diego area.

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