Despite Wide Use, Metal Filling Make Patients Sick, According To Lawsuit

body-mouth connectionMetal fillings containing mercury and other heavy metals have been used by dentists around the world for more than 150 years. But there have been safety concerns for decades. Now, a group of scientists, biological dentists and others is suing the U.S. FDA and trying to force the banning of dental amalgam products that contain mercury.

It’s amazing that many people avoid eating certain kinds of predator fish because there is a risk that they may be contaminated with mercury from the fish they eat, yet these same people often have toxic dental amalgam in their bodies and aren’t concerned enough to take any action.

By all accounts, mercury is a toxic liquid despite being something that’s naturally occurring. As fillings age, mercury in them can seep out to be aspirated or absorbed into the body. Once it’s in the system, it can cause all manner of difficulties. This include neurological problems and debilitating pain and weakness.

People who are otherwise healthy can something naturally filter mercury from their bodied and have few symptoms from dental amalgam. But some people with compromised immune systems or particular body chemist can’t get rid of the metal effectively and experience worsening symptoms over time as the metal builds up in their bodies.

It’s particularly important that pregnant women and little children not be exposed to toxic mercury.

In July 2014, a group that includes patients as well as scientists and dentists filed suit against the United States Food and Drug Administration suggesting that this government agency has been lax in the way it deals with dental mercury. They further claimed that low income people — like those in prison, in the military or otherwise dependant on government healthcare — are among the most likely to be subjected to metal fillings.

But never mind the lawsuit. Do you want something in your body that causes health concerns? The suit wants dental amalgam banned, and that sounds like a good idea to us.

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