Life-Crushing Illness Was Mercury Poisoning From Dental Work, Not MS

by San Diego Holistic Dentist, Dr. Vinograd

silver fillingA woman who had never worked around metals suffered poisoning that left her unable to walk and suffering many other symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis — all because of dental amalgam fillings containing mercury that she had fitted shortly before her wedding.

Maria Indermuhle has the fillings done by the National Health, a free medical service in Scotland. Then she moved with her new husband to Switzerland to start a new life together. Soon, however, she couldn’t walk and lost feeling in her hands.

The Scottish government has paid out hundreds of thousands to remove fillings from people with bad reactions, although they have not accepted responsibility in this case.

It all started for Indermuhle with strange sensations in her body — like pins and needles. Within 18 months, she could no longer walk. She also suffered panic attacks, collapsed in the street, experienced reduced vision and started to slur her words. She couldn’t concentrate and couldn’t learn French to help her better communicate in her new home nation. She even had heart palpitations.

It was all linked to a high level of metals in her body that can be traced only to the fillings.

Had the not researched her own symptoms and learned that mercury toxicity exhibits symptoms similar to MS, she could have died — never knowing that her condition could be cured. Now, the fillings have been removed and she has been detoxed carefully. She’s completed recovered.

Indermuhle told newspapers that she tasted metal in her mouth after the fillings and was unable to taste food properly but was told the problems were nothing to worry about.

But doesn’t the idea of putting mercury and other metals into your body worry you? It should. And Indermuhle’s case is among the reasons you should choose composite fillings over metal ones every time.

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