Homemade Toothpaste?

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With all the variety in toothpastes these days I never know which one to get or which one is the healthiest for my teeth. I usually just pick the cheapest one and move on with my day. However, I recently got to thinking that maybe I should be picking a toothpaste of high quality to better ensure my teeth are healthy. I did some research as a way to figure out which toothpaste brands are actually the best for you and I found a crazy idea, making your own toothpaste. It is actually widely recommended by holistic dentists as a way to avoid the harsh and possibly toxic chemicals found in typical brands.

I had no idea that common toothpastes were so bad for you. I went to check my own brands and see if they carried toxic ingredients and they both had Sodium Fluoride, which can cause developmental and reproductive problems. Startled by this information I decided that maybe I should try making my own toothpaste; that way I would be sure my teeth were getting the best treatment, and no harsh chemicals.

It actually is pretty simple to make toothpaste at home, this recipe is courtesy of a Dentist in San Diego (Paige Woods). The necessary ingredients are coconut oil, baking soda or pumice, xylitol, and an essential oil. Heat about half a cup of coconut oil in a small pan, add in 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda or 1 tablespoon of pumice, add the xylitol, and around 20 drops of the essential oil. When all the ingredients are combined store it in a jar and enjoy. I used peppermint as my essential oil and it turned out great. I love minty toothpaste and that was one of my concerns with making toothpaste at home, but it was just as minty as my Colgate.

If making toothpaste at home is a bit too much of a struggle for you, even with this easy recipe, don’t panic. I would recommend buying the most natural of the toothpaste brands you can find, and just be sure to check the ingredients,  looking out for Sodium Fluoride and other harsh chemicals. Personally, I recommend Tom’s of Maine because it is fluoride free and still has a wide variety of flavors.

If you do decide to just find a natural brand of toothpaste instead of making your own be wary of the following chemicals: Triclosan, BHT, Sodium Fluoride, PEG-12, FD&C Blue, Sodium Hydroxide, DEA, and Propylene glycol. Sometimes, even the most natural brand of toothpaste can include those chemicals so always check the ingredients list to know what is and is not safe for your mouth. Triclosan is a very toxic material and may cause hormone issues. BHT is toxic to the reproductive system and may also cause allergies. PEG-12 is toxic and could be contaminated with other majorly toxic chemicals. FD&C Blue is a toxic chemical that can stay in your body for a much longer time than the other harsh chemicals. Sodium Hydroxide is toxic for all organs. DEA, or Diethanolamine can lead to cancer and Proplyene glycol is the same chemical that makes antifreeze and extremely toxic.

At the end of the day, your oral health is very important as a healthy mouth can help the rest of the body stay healthy. That means oral care should be one of our top priorities and using the right toothpaste of the utmost importance. Many people incorrectly assume that they are treating their teeth properly but are actually ingesting harsh toxic chemicals. This is a little known problem that people need to start being aware of and start making healthy changes.

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